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Louisville suspect's dog shot after attacking officers


A pit bull was shot to death late Sunday after it attacked officers trying to arrest his owner.

According to the arrest report, around 11:30 p.m. Sunday, police spotted 44-year-old Michael Christopher Miller driving a Nissan pickup truck at a high rate of speed in both driving lanes Sunday on Bruce Avenue near Third Street and attempted to pull him over.

Police say Miller started to pull over, but then sped off with officers in pursuit. Miller didn't stop his car until he reached his own driveway in the 1100 block of Cristland Road. That's when he bolted from the vehicle and ran into the back yard, ignoring officers who ordered him to stop.

As officers attempted to handcuff Miller, police say he clinched his fists and said "It ain't gonna happen." That's when police used a taser to subdue Miller, but it was ineffective. During the struggle, one officer ended up on the ground as another arrived to assist.

At that point, police say Miller ordered his dog, a pit bull, to attack, saying: "Get him." The dog then bit both officers, and one officer was "forced to shoot the animal to prevent further injury."

Police say Miller continued to fight as other officers arrived, and knocked one officer's gun from his hands before he was subdued.

The officers that were bitten were taken to the hospital where they were treated and released.

Miller was taken into custody and now faces several serious charges, including fleeing or evading police in a motor vehicle, fleeing or evading police on foot, operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs, wanton endangerment, disarming a peace officer, two counts of assaulting a police officer, resisting arrest and criminal mischief.

He was set for arraignment on Tuesday.