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Man claims self defense in Oldham double shooting of sisters


Two women died from gunshot wounds after an incident in Oldham County Sunday afternoon. A man was also rushed to the hospital and was released late Sunday night, suffering from an arm laceration. According to Oldham County Police he told them he was acting in self-defense.

Oldham County Police got a tip from the Sheriff's Office and responded to the 5400 block of 18 Mile Creek Road outside Westport around 3:30 p.m. Sunday.

The victims are 24-year-old Sandy Allen and 21-year-old Heather Faulkerson. Family members tell WAVE 3 they are sisters.

"Sandy and Heather we love both of you and will miss you," said Harl Allen, their brother.

They were at the home of 57-year-old Ronnie Evridge, Sandy Allen's boyfriend. Evridge, who went to the hospital with lacerations, told police he acted in self defense. The victims' family doesn't agree.

"(Sandy) called to come get her," said Amanda Allen, their sister. "She was wanting to leave. She called at 3:04 wanting to leave, and by 3:15 they were both dead, so you tell me that, you tell me that she wanted to sit there and attack somebody, but she was trying to leave. He wasn't letting her leave."

Family members say one was shot in the neck, the other in the face.

"You could have shot them in the leg, their foot," said Candy Geoghegan, Sandy's twin sister. "Why their face and their head? It don't make no sense."

The women's sisters say they don't know what sparked the incident.

"As far as I know he was good to them," said Amanda Allen. "There were sometimes they had their ups and downs, but as far as him being there for them he was there for my sister when she was in jail. He was there that whole entire time. I don't understand why he would hurt them."

There is both a home and a large red barn on the property. Neighbors say family used to run a trucking company out of there.

"It is very rural. It's probably about five miles outside the city of LaGrange. We certainly don't get a lot of calls down here, it's not very common," Officer Flynn said on scene.

Neighbors, however, say police have been to the house before.

"There's been incidents involving police and situations, emergency situations," said Sue Stock, a neighbor.

The SWAT team assisted law enforcement serving a search warrant in the spring to seize weapons from Evridge. He was court-ordered not to possess a firearm. He also has an extensive criminal history that includes multiple drug charges, menacing, and domestic violence.

At this time, Evridge is not facing any charges in the double shooting.