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Ray Barker, former LMPD officer, wants District 1 Metro Council seat


Ray Barker, a former LMPD officer is planning to run for the District 1 Metro Council Seat. He was the person who first reported possible ethics violations by former Councilmember Judy Green. It was not a malicious act and Barker did it because he cared, he said.

Because Baker does not like living in an area with 20-year-old empty buildings and trash covered streets, he has planned to run for the newly vacant District 1 seat.

"We have people who don't have jobs and those are the issues that need to be resolved," said Barker.

Barker is well known in his neighborhood and may be better known as "Sir Friendly C." He ran against Judy Green for the District 1 Metro Council seat in May last year and lost. Barker had a hand in Green's removal from Council. He filed the complaint about Green's summer youth program in early 2011 when family members of children involved asked him for help. He also filed a second complaint claiming Green told a non-profit group to pass funds from a neighborhood development grant to other groups.

Barker's current message is that it is a time to heal.

"Right now a lot of people have been hurt, there was a large controversy going on where the race card was used and we got kind of side tracked on what the issues are in District 1," said Barker.

WHAS 11 called Judy Green several times Sept. 14 but she has not answered her phone. The Metro Council will choose an interim representative for District 1.