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2 men arrested after shots are fired at officers during chase near school


A string of car break-ins, a chase and shots fired at police; it was a wild scene Thursday morning near Iroquois High School.

Police were called to Freeman Avenue after receiving a report of several car break-ins in the area.

One suspect was arrested at the scene but the second escaped.

While police were looking for him, police received a report of a robbery a few blocks away.

They spotted the suspect, who they chased onto an Iroquois High School ball field, before he ran behind a house and was captured.

Police say the man fired several shots at officers and had to be tased in order to be taken into custody.

The two suspects have been identified as 18-year-old Travis Crayton, who was charged with attempted murder of a police officer, fleeing and evading and criminal trespass.

Jesse Kirk, 20, was charged with fleeing and evading, receiving stolen property, resisting arrest and criminal trespass.

The incident happened so early that none of the students at the high school where ever in any danger.

An officer also fired shots during the incident. He has been placed on administrative leave, as is the policy.