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LMPD officer taken to hospital after alleged assault


Police say an out-of-control suspect was arrested after an attack that sent at least one Louisville Metro Police officer to the hospital.

It happened shortly after 1:30 Saturday morning on Nightingale Road, off Poplar Level Road.

Police say someone from a residence in that area called 911, and then they hung up. When police arrived to check it out, they found 27-year-old Rey Contrecas, screaming profanities and trying to cause a fight with other people. His back was to the officers, and when one of them put his hand on his shoulder and asked him to be quiet, Contrecas shrugged him off and, "took a fighting stance."

When Contrecas tried to flee, the two officers attempted to take him down, but Contrecas was able to get his hands on a broken beer bottle and allegedly used it to take a swing at the officers.

Contrecas was arrested and charged with two counts of assault against a police officer, alcohol intoxication and disorderly conduct.

Both officers had to receive treatment. The arrest report indicates that one officer was transported to Baptist Hospital East with, "a large laceration needing stitches and possible tendon damage." The other officer also had to receive treatment for an unspecified injury.