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Crystal Marlowe wants her job back


This morning a fired Louisville Metro Police detective is asking for her job back.

The Police Merit Board is hearing Crystal Marlowe's case Tuesday morning.

Marlowe was fired Friday after an investigation found she identified suspects who could not have committed crimes and based her investigations on unreliable information. Some of those said to have been wrongfully accused spent days or even weeks in jail before they were cleared.

Now Marlowe's attorney, Mary Sharp, is appealing her firing after several people have come forward saying her client's personal life was the basis for the investigation. Sharp says Marlowe was unfairly targeted.

"To be questioned during that about your personal life and sexual relationships is highly unusual because it has no bearing on this," said Sharp. "Why would that be part of the investigation? It certainly was never in any of the allegations."

"Police looked into filing criminal charges against Marlowe, but did not find enough evidence to prove she broke the law. She had been an officer for 14 years."