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Mayor Fischer tries out firefighter's uniform


Louisville's mayor takes the heat, tackling a much different job today at the Fire Training Academy.

Mayor Greg Fischer stepped into the shoes of Louisville firefighters.

After suiting up in heavy equipment, he headed into a training fire.

You can see smoke pouring from the building. Inside it's 500 degrees.

The mayor says it's important for him to see firsthand what the fire department does and how public dollars are spent.

Fischer says he was impressed. "I was assisting the hose man until he gave it to me, but then I also held the fire detector, a heat reader so you can see where fire is. You stay low, follow the wall, follow the line out, make sure your buddies are alive, and get down."

He says he has ridden along with Metro Police many times, but he wanted to understand more about how the Fire Department works and what its needs are.