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Former Officer Says Rumors About Sex Life Led To Firing

Det. Crystal Marlowe Fired Friday, Files Appeal


A former Louisville Metro Police detective said questions about her sex life and rumors about her romantic involvement with public officials led to her firing.

Crystal Marlowe was fired from the Louisville Metro Police Department on Friday.

Just four days later, she filed an appeal, saying she could have been investigated because of rumors about her sex life.

Marlowe lost her job as a detective last week.

Chief Robert White said she made several wrongful arrests, putting people in handcuffs in connection with crimes they never could have committed.

Her termination letter detailed 68 individual violations of the department's procedures.

Marlowe filed a formal appeal Tuesday, claiming the punishment was excessive.

But her attorney said the whole investigation may have been opened because of rumors about Marlowe's romantic involvement with specified public officials. She also said Marlowe was inappropriately questioned about her sex life during the investigation.