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Investigation sought into mayoral endorsement


Republican Hal Heiner and Democrat Greg Fischer on Thursday met publicly for the first time since Heiner released an attack ad claiming Fischer's engaged in dirty politics.

Heiner's suggestion that Fischer negotiated with independent Jackie Green to drop out of the race drew responses from both sides at Wednesday's luncheon in the St. Matthews Community Center.

"Fischer releases e-mails with Green," says Fischer, as he reads the headline from the Courier Journal. "Exchange shows Independent seeking but not getting pledges out of commitment."

"The fact that the person who was making the endorsement was actually putting a short list together that included himself as a possible director for that department," says Heiner.

E-mails between Green and a member of Fischer's campaign show Green agreed to drop out of the race if Fischer would let him have "significant input" in Fischer's Office of Sustainability. Green says he was guaranteed nothing, but still went ahead and endorsed Fischer. The Democrat says no promises were made.

"The bottom line is Jackie Green asked for some things," says Fischer. "I said no."

The chairman of the Republican Party of Kentucky wants the state attorney general to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the case. Steve Robertson claims the endorsement violates Kentucky law. While Robertson calls it corrupt back-room deals, Heiner is hesitant to say it's illegal.

"I'm not an attorney, but I think it certainly raises some questions when you read the state statute," says Heiner. Jack Conway's office has no comment.

Fischer calls Heiner's attack ad a desperate move by a losing candidate. When asked if he regrets Green's endorsement, Fischer said, "Anybody that wants to endorse our campaign, they're welcome to do that. Our campaign is open and inclusive for everyone in the community."

Green told FOX 41 Tuesday he could see himself working for Fischer. "I could. I could. That depends on how that office is structured," says Green. "What kind of authority that office is given."

Fischer sees things very differently. "He will have some input, but he will not have a job," says Fischer.