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Updated: Monday, April 26th, 2010

FOP Explains Heiner Endorsement


Hal Heiner calls it the most important endorsement in the mayor's race. The Republican says he is "humbled and honored" that the River City Fraternal Order of Police, which represents about 2000 current and retired officers, is endorsing him in the Republican primary.

Heiner says he wants to expand the LMPD special support team, aggressively combat drug crimes, and hopes to improve relations between the mayors office and the police department to encourage veteran officers to stay on the force, rather than retire.

"It's pretty apparent that we've not had a great relationship with the current administration and the current mayor," said FOP President Dave Mutchler, "Our goal is to have a relationship with mutual respect with whoever the next mayor may be. That being said, that person has to be experienced, qualified and willing to engage in that relationship."

With Heiner's public safety positions seemingly comparable to GOP rival Chris Thieneman's, Mutchler said the FOP is choosing not only who would best serve the public safety officers in the community but serve the whole community. The FOP has endorsed Jim King in the Democratic primary.

"These officers operate on the front lines and put their lives in danger to keep us all safe, for that I am grateful," Heiner said in prepared remarks, "I look forward to working alongside Metro Police to pursue even higher goals for safety in our community within a close relationship of respect between the Mayor's office and our officers."

"(Heiner) is dedicated to addressing the issues facing our community and those issues important to the members of the River City FOP, who are charged with protecting our great citizens," Mutchler added.