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Updated: Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

Shively police officer indicted on tax fraud charges


A federal grand jury has indicted a Shively police officer on several counts of tax fraud.

Curtis Gordon, 39, has been indicted on three counts of filing false federal income tax returns, one count of failure to file federal income tax returns, and one count of submitting a false document to the IRS.

Prosecutors say Gordon failed to report thousands of dollars of income and executed a false IRS document to buy a $1.5 million home.

Gordon's attorney, Thomas Clay, says Gordon was relying on his tax preparer and they tried to bring attention to prosecutors months ago.

"What happened was Mr. Gordon was going through some turmoil with the preparation of his taxes," says Clay. "His tax preparer, who is deceased now, had certain substance problems and was not taking care of business, so he had been in efforts to try to resurrect that situation."

Gordon was arraigned last week and trial is scheduled for June 2nd. He's still an officer with the Shively Police Department, but has no police powers.

In 2008 the Shively police officer was acquitted of 43 various charges stemming from allegations that a company he owned failed to provide police officers as security guards, as promised, to clients.

Gordon and his attorney, Thomas Clay, subsequently sued the Louisville Metro Police Department for loss of business.