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5 Years Later


Every once in awhile I will be working on my computer and I will come across a video tribute that was put together by a friend of mine. It is the "Tribute to Officer Peter A. Grignon". It is here that I go to remind myself that in a world of confusion and uncertainty, I can refocus myself by watching these few minutes meant to capture one of my life's most tragic and significant moments.

This "Tribute" captures so much that it makes me realize what is important in my life. The raw emotion and sense of loss portrayed there brings it home every single time. I cry every single time I watch it.

It has been 5 years. I wear a black metal armband to remind me every day what it means to me that 5 years ago we all lost something very important to us. I cannot fathom the grief and pain that Rebecca has gone through and will continue to go through. I have never experienced losing a spouse or child or one of my siblings. My heart goes out to the entire Grignon family.

I can tell you some of what it meant to me then and now. It hurt terribly to lose a Brother Officer. It isn't because I knew Peter very well at all because I didn't. I talked to his recruit class about the FOP and worked with his class at the Academy during practical exercises. I knew him as my Brother though.

Every Officer on every department shares a common bond. It is one that cannot be put into words. It is one that every Officer and one that our veterans understand. We are all part of a Brotherhood that transcends who we are and is signified more by "what we are" and "what we stand for" Brotherhood in this insane world is the bond which keeps us going. Some people will understand this and some will not. I hope that you are one of those that this means something too.

Brotherhood, the fraternal comradeship that we share because we know that we will be there for each other and that we will willingly put ourselves in harm's way for each other and for what we believe in is what this is all about. I lost a Brother 5 years ago. I had hoped to go my entire career without having to experience what I did that day.

It is hard to express just how much this senseless murder of a loving and caring man opened up so many wounds that will never fully close. It is hard some days to realize that some people don't remember. I do and I always will.

Every one touched by this tragedy lost something that day. It felt like a part of my soul was ripped away. To make matters worse I felt alone. There were many people grieving around me, but my grief and heartache were individual to me. I remember being numb during the ceremony at South East Christian. I remember the long drive through the rain to the cemetery and seeing all the Fire-fighters, EMT's and all the regular people lining the route. Seeing all of them made me feel less alone that day.

Everyone was affected differently that day. Today let us remember in our hearts and in our actions what Peter's sacrifice means to each of us. Let us share a moment of silence and in our hearts remember the love this man had for his wife, his family and his community.

Lest we forget.