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Power of Louisville's mayor could be limited under KY Senate bill


One Jefferson County state senator says Louisville's mayor has too much power and he is taking his case to his fellow legislators in Frankfort.

Senator Dan Seum (R-Jefferson County) says the mayor has more power over Louisville than the governor does over Kentucky and there must be more checks and balances.

Seum is re-introducing a bill that passed the Senate last year, but couldn't get out of committee in the House. It's nicknamed the Thieneman-Seum Initiative, which includes current candidate for mayor Chris Thieneman, a Republican running on the platform of transparency.

Seum said he originally filed the bill after Mayor Jerry Abramson refused to give the Fraternal Order of Police paperwork that would back up his estimated budget deficit. The bill will require the office to submit capital projects during the budget, create a surplus fund, and track and report revenue monthly to the Louisville Metro Council.

"We have a mayor that's all powerful there when it comes to money and we think the elected council should have more say as to how that money is spent," said Seum.

"There is nothing in Senate Bill 80 that our Metro Council could enact if they so desire," said Ron Wolf, a Metro spokesperson.

Wolf noted the new e-transparency website that reveals spending information, but Theineman told us afterwards that he wants the Metro Council to be part of the decision before the money is spent.

The committee voted unanimously in favor of the bill, passing it to the floor where it should be taken up next week.