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Jeffersonville mayor seeks officer who leaked pictures of attorney in trash can


The mayor of Jeffersonville says the actions of a few officers have left a black eye on his city.

At least one officer is accused of taking a picture of an attorney in a garbage can and leaking it to the press.

Now, the mayor is apologizing.

You don't have to listen to Mayor Galligan long to witness his frustration. He's still unsure if it was two officers or just one who sent the pictures to the media. But from the sound of it, once he figures out who is responsible, the mayor has a stiff punishment waiting.

They're the snapshots seen literally across the country, a prominent Southern Indiana lawyer Larry Wilder, passed out in a trash can.

"It's embarrassing. More importantly, it's embarrassing to my children. It's a poor choice I made," said Wilder.

And Thursday, WHAS11 was first to point out an important part of those pictures when Chase Cain noted the shadow of the person taking the picture appeared to be wearing a police belt.

It turns out it was a police officer who sent the pictures to the media and Jeffersonville's mayor is not too happy about it.

"I'm frustrated because this is not the way I expect our police department to do business," said Galligan. "I'm not gonna put up with it. I'm not gonna tolerate it. I'm not gonna let the rest of the police officers suffer for the misdeeds of one or two."

So Mayor Galligan pledged to find out who is responsible and is undecided on what will happen when he does.

"I don't know right now but it will be sufficient. I will tell you, this is a black eye on this community nationwide," added the Mayor Galligan.

The mayor also agreed with Larry Wilder's assertion last Thursday that the officer behind it had a bone to pick with the attorney.

"When you are a vigorous advocate and you are zealous in pursuit of what you do, you make a few enemies along the way," said Wilder.

In talking with the mayor, you could tell these pictures deeply upset him.

"I am just absolutely sorry this happened and i cannot apologize enough," Galligan added.

We should point out that Larry Wilder is a private attorney but also paid 6-figures by Jeffersonville City Council and Clark County Schools for legal advice. The City Council plans to discuss his future on Wednesday night. When WHAS11 talked to Wilder earlier this afternoon, He told us he appreciates the mayor's support and says he still has a great opinion of the rest of the city's police force.