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Updated: Monday, May 10th, 2010

Investigation finds Gross Mismanagement in city government


This story was first broadcast by WHAS 11 on February 9, 2008. It took the Courier-Journal an additional 9 days before they reported on it. Why was one of the top corruption stories in the Commonwealth and in the nation sidelined for 9 days?

I give reporter Dan Klepal credit for a well investigated article. I also understand that the stories that reporters write are heavily edited. In this case it seems that the Editors of the Courier have once again attempted to cast Abramson in a good light.

I will not repeat the entire articles here. You can judge for yourself and look up other articles on this same subject. What is important is that only one news station had the courage to publish this as it developed. They also included something that should have been in the Courier-Journal but was left out.

Two of the top Officials named in the investigation were hired by Jerry Abramson. Watch the WHAS 11 interview closely and listen very closely to Abramson caught on camera lying about the qualifications of two of the main individuals of the investigation: Anthony James Summers and Barrett Louis Tasman. Abramson claims: ?That at that level those positions are political appointments and given to individuals that have the background and experience to handle the issues that were there?

Just what were those qualifications Mr. Mayor? It seems that the only qualification for this political appointed job was that you had to be the son of Deputy Mayor Bill Summers or the son of his business partner Ronald Tasman.

Just what experience in Housing and Urban Development did either of these young men have that called for you to create 2 positions at $64,618.00 a year apiece that was so special?

The terms 'Conflict of Interest' & 'Nepotism' come screaming to the forefront. How can you justify the patronage and favoritism shown in bestowing on either of these unqualified individuals positions in Metro Government? Why weren't these positions opened up for bidding as with any other position in Metro Government?

Isn't it ironic that shortly after the WHAS 11 story broke that AJ Summers was quickly transferred out of that office and into a position in Metro HR as an Assistant Director for the same amount of money? Other than his aforementioned lineage what are his qualifications for this new position? What are his duties that entitle him to draw such a hefty salary in his first year in Metro Government?

Once again we are witness to yet another Abramson scandal. How many more of these are we going to have to bear witness to or suffer under before something is done about his criminal practices? Louisville is our town. This is our money and our futures that Abramson is playing with. We have only skimmed the surface on the corruption and ineptitude that has prevailed since he has held the reigns of Metro Government.

As President Obama stated: "It is time for change, change we can believe in."