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Senator Introduces Transparency Bill. Gives More Power To Metro Council


The Metro Louisville Budget Transparency Act is going to be introduced at the state capitol Monday.

State Sen. Dan Seum, a Republican, said he'll introduce the bill in the senate, and he said State Rep. Joni Jenkins, a Democrat, will introduce it on the house side.

The bill would not only require more openness in Metro government's budget process, Seum said it would give the Metro Council more power.

Among the supporters are several city unions who have had a bitter and difficult relationship with Mayor Jerry Abramson's administration.

If passed, this proposal would require the Metro Council to approve all union contracts.

Seum also acknowledged it opens the door for those unions to bypass the administration and negotiate directly with the council.

"I think when we passed the metro, created Metro Louisville, if you will, I'm not sure we were inclined to give the mayor all that much power," Seum said. "I think that was a weakness in the original legislation and we're just kind of cleaning that up."

"I could say I'm disappointed in the state senator, but I've learned over the years to be disappointed in that state senator." - Jerry Abramson

Seum says the measure mirrors what the governor is required to do under state law.

Union leaders have negotiated with a legislative body in the past.

Just prior to the city and county merger, police bypassed then Mayor Dave Armstrong and negotiated directly with the old Louisville board of aldermen.

The result was what Abramson has characterized as the "Cadillac of health insurance plans" for police, which he said has proven to be very costly for taxpayers and a sticking point in negotiations with the Fraternal Order of Police.