LMPD :: Louisville Metro Police Department

Continuing the Battle


We have girded our loins and challenged our opponent. He is crafty and powerful, but I think he has become beguiled by his power and convinced that he is invincible. Our opponent started this war. We did not. We have skirmished with him over the years as have other members of Metro Government and the former City of Louisville. Sometimes we were victorious and other times his opinion held sway. This time he has bitten off more than he can chew.

Mayor Abramson has challenged everyone to a duel. He is attempting to solidify his power base so that he can stand on it perhaps for another office? Unlike him we have learned from past mistakes. He seems to keep repeating the same ones over and over. The arrogance of that makes it so much more difficult to understand. Why would anyone who lost similar grievances, court challenges and law suits in the past, continue to waste taxpayer monies by repeatedly making decisions that he knows will only be challenged as unconstitutional and unfair labor practices?

The arrogance of the man is open to anyone that looks at the history of his actions. Don't trust the glib smile or the pat on the back (because it holds a knife). His image is important to him and it has become tarnished as of late. He has lost three of his department heads/appointees to selected positions that left abruptly and without explanation or plans for the future. I still trust in the old seagoing analogy that the rats are leaving the sinking ship.

Consider this; why are we no better off six years into merger despite his promises of Shangri La? How did the formation of Metro Government dissolve two viable and solvent governments into an entity that is now ready to declare bankruptcy? This has nothing to do with the economic challenges that everyone faces today. We have been ?broke? since he merged the former City of Louisville and Jefferson County Governments in 2003. He has informed us time and time again at the bargaining table that we don't have enough money for raises. He has imposed fees and conditions that were reluctantly agreed to and thereby placing ourselves in the position of putting 'skin in the game? in order to help out.

Obviously it wasn't enough for Massa Jerry. He wanted to increase the time of our indenture and dependence on his largesse. I don't know whether to compare this to the Louis the XVI attitude he generally portrays or is it more like Caesar making decisions for his children (the people) because only he knows what is best. His attitude and arrogance have reached their limit.

Court decisions have not gone his way. He briefly won a reprieve in the appellate court that ruled in his favor over the imposition of the fees. Their ruling did not state the fees were correct or even legal, but that the injunction barring them from being imposed was not proper because when the Labor issue is decided in favor of the Police Officers then the money can be returned.

He has a deadline with the firefighters that was imposed on him by the courts is coming up this week also. The monies he owes them must be tabulated and brought to the judge so that payment can be made. Would anyone care to wager that there will be some reason why those figures are not yet ready?

Recently the FOP had a local website developer build a site where officers will be able to log in their off duty activity and record each and every time officers stop to assist. This will become very important in the future so make sure you participate. As many of you know, the FOP printed cards to hand out to the public to let them know when they were assisted by an off duty officer. This proactive endeavor, which would create positive support for the take home car program and the Department, was immediately stopped by Chief White. The development of this site will allow us to more efficiently record very basic and important information.

The ideas of many are coming together because we are united in a cause. It isn't just the Police this time. It isn't just the Firefighters, EMT's and Corrections Officers. All employees of Metro Government are being unduly taxed by this mayor. The people of our community are suffering because of his malfeasance. This will only get worse the more that he is allowed to continue this pattern and practice of irresponsible leadership. We must stay the course and continue to remain above board. We cannot act like he has chosen to act or lower ourselves to his level.

His action against the Firefighters in removing their incentive pay was an obvious punitive measure imposed upon them on the heels of their victory in the overtime issue. His decision to immediately impose the fees on the Police once again shows his vindictive nature. Instead of awaiting the decision of the Department of Labor he wants to punish us for standing up to him.

Continue the fight my Brothers and Sisters. We will prevail. One battle does not win nor lose a war. We as well as everyone in our community are in a campaign against this tyrant for the safety, solvency and well being of our community.