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Rats Leaving A Sinking Ship?


December 1st 2008 we received our first hint that everything wasn't going well behind the scenes at City Hall. The Chief Financial Officer for Metro Government Jane Driscoll suddenly up and quit. There was no warning, no announcements to come wish her well as she left over 20 years of government service. To say the least it was highly unusual.

The talking heads at City hall explained it away in a feeble manner stating that she would be able to maximize her retirement benefits due to changes in the State Legislature last year…blah…blah..blah.

Today we received announcements that he is losing 2 more senior staffers. Deputy Mayor Rick Johnstone and Director of Public Safety Kim Allen both are mysteriously leaving their posts. Neither have enough time in the KY State retirement system to be able to leave with full benefits, so what is the sudden hurry to leave?

Many people see it as an exodus of upper management to distance themselves from corruption charges and challenges of questionable practices that are being made against Abramson.

We have seen for the first time that the aforementioned practices are not singular mistakes. Some of them by themselves could be written off as bad advice taken or a lapse in judgment, but we are talking about years and years of faux pas that have cost this City hundreds of millions of dollars.

The accumulation of these mistakes shows an arrogance of character and malfeasance of office of monumental proportions. This spoiled child that is bankrupting our city needs to be removed from office. He has shown his true colors by blaming everyone but himself for this "projected" economic crisis. Remember there is still no proof or hard numbers to show this to be self evident.The facts are out there. They need to be compiled and brought to the public. Once these facts have been laid out and the outright scandalous mismanagement can be seen in black and white then everyone will see what we have known here all along.

I cannot help but wonder how with all of this evidence out there he has gotten away with this for so long. I guess if you throw a few parties and shoot off some fireworks you really don't need to make any decisions of importance. If you surround yourselves with lackeys and yes men then you can get away with it for awhile. It seems that some of those people either through a resurgence of moral fiber or a fear of being caught in the net have been abandoning ship at an alarming rate. We aren't talking about temps or part time employees either; we are talking about senior department heads.

Sort of makes you scratch you head doesn't it?