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Enough is Enough!


Officers left a meeting with Chief of Police Robert White this morning only to find that we are about to be stabbed in the back yet again.

Mayor Jerry Abramson's frivolous spending policies have caused a projected $20 million dollar shortfall for the upcoming fiscal year. It has therefore been decided by the mayor that all departments must submit plans to reduce costs and "take one for the team".

mayors note: new arena construction, cordish company development projects and the granite sidewalks fund will be exempt from any cost-cutting measures

There are currently 3 proposals for the men and women of the Louisville Metro Police Department:

Plan 1

  • Take-home car fee of $75 per pay if you DO NOT work off-duty *$1,950 per year
  • Take-home car fee of $105 per pay if you DO work off-duty *$2,730 per year

Plan 2

  • Take-home car fee of $50 per pay if you DO NOT work off-duty *$1,300 per year
  • Take-home car fee of $80 per pay if you DO work off-duty *$2,080 per year
  • Loss of 3 vacation days OR forfeiture of any pay raises for the fiscal year

Plan 3

  • Take home car fee remains at current levels
  • Loss of 3 vacation days
  • Forfeiture of any pay raises for the fiscal year

Plan 3 is actually the cheapest of the three, but since each individual's pay raises are based on different factors you would have to run your own numbers to find out how much you would be getting screwed out of. It should also be noted that taking Plan 3 WILL NOT guarantee the continuation of the take home car program. This plan could also affect your high 3 because your future raises are based on a 0% raise.

I do not know when we have to decide on these options or what the F.O.P is planning to address this issue, but I do know that it is time to stop paying for Abramson's administrations failed policies.

On the eve of the Cordish Company's land deal fiasco we were already aware of all the downturns in the economic areas yet he persisted in throwing away tens of millions of dollars to a company that doesn't't have to fulfill any of the agreements.

We have seen money wasted on useless 'studies? and unnecessary downtown projects yet he continues to drive this city down. Does anyone recall his campaign promises? We were going to merge City and County governments and have all sorts of extra money because we were going to not have to duplicate services and we would have less government.

We are currently in court over him trying to steal our insurance policies by going outside our contract. We won't know until the 15th of December how that will work out. He has his cronies in Metro HR trying to use scare tactics in threatening e-mails and by telling Officers that inquire that they won't have insurance come January 1st.

I have faithfully and diligently come to work every day my whole career. I have forgone birthdays and anniversaries because I needed to be at work. I have come in to work sick when any other fool would have stayed at home. I didn't do it for Jerry Abramson; I did it because I have always believed that we do make a difference. We are the Thin Blue Line that stands between a safe community to live in and raise a family and utter anarchy. I deeply care about my job and the impact that we have on our community. We may not always be appreciated, we seldom get thanks but we know what we do is important. Is it important enough for me to have to pay to come to work though? It is important enough for me to have my family suffer because Abramson has failed miserably as a leader?

I personally do not feel I should have to give up anything in between contracts. If they don't like it then put it on the table and we will put it in the contract or take it out. I am tired of labor agreements meaning absolutely nothing to this arrogant mayor. I am not alone in saying that this economic crisis is not by any means something to be ignored, but the safety of the community comes before anything else. Trim all of your little pet projects and eliminate the wasteful spending practices. I should NEVER have to pay to come to work. I should NEVER have to bring home less money that I did the week before.