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Booby-trapped meth lab found in Bullitt County


A Kentucky State Police bomb squad is investigating two explosive booby-traps near a working meth lab that was found in a mobile home about a mile from Clermont Road (Ky. 245) in Bullitt County.

Authorities said they have also discovered a cache of military weapons, including machine guns, rockets and ammunition. It is unclear if the homeowner had a permit for the weapons.

There have been no explosions or injuries, police said.

The homeowner was arrested on an outstanding unrelated felony warrant, which gave them probable cause to enter the mobile home. He has not been charged in connection with the meth lab, said Bulllitt County Sheriff Donnie Tinnell.

Bullitt County Police waited on the bomb squad to dismantle the booby-traps before they could go into the mobile home to investigate the meth lab.

The street address of the mobile home is in the 1000 Happy Hollow Road, but it is actually down a mud road from Happy Hollow.

The property "looks like a junkyard," Tinnell said.