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Police Officers Are Not Allowed To Have Personal Lives

Louisville Metro Police are investigating a tip that one of the department's officers is pictured on an adult personals Web site.

"The ad uses the screen name "LMPDCop" and a photo of a uniformed officer."

"Besides the screen name and age, 33, the profile says, "I'm a police officer and US Marine in Kentucky. I have my own cuffs!""

"An open-records request to police for officers matching the birth date given in the profile and the military background found only one..."

The Courier-Journal then decides to publish the name of the one officer that matches the profiles date of birth and military history, in a headlining story titled "Officer may have put ad on adult site".


Did he break the law?

Is he abusing his authority as a police officer?

I went to the website in question, after searching the louisville area I noticed that one of the ads featured a subject wearing an Insight Communications shirt, are you going to publish a story about them?

Have you ever visited a pornographic website?

Have you ever told a dirty joke?

Have you ever found that a store undercharged you for merchandise and not alerted them to their mistake?

Have you ever asked your spouse to tell the person on the phone that "Your not home"?Why did the Courier-Journal publish this story? To let the public know that their are police officers that visit adult websites?This one article that is published for one day, will follow the officer named in it for the rest of his life. His co-workers will talk about it, his friends will wonder about it and people who know him by name will use it to form their opinions of him. This is hardly fair.

But hey, it sells newspapers.