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Police Search For Suspects In Shively Double Murder


There are more questions than answers in a double murder in Shively. Saturday evening, two people were shot dead inside a home in the 2200 block of Thurman Drive near Dixie Highway. So far, Shively Police don't have any suspects. As WAVE 3's Frances Kuo reports, a fight several blocks away may have led to the murders.

Alton Jefferson was working on his lawn when he heard about the murders.

"Kind of shocking to find out, just down the street from you," said Jefferson.

Just a few houses down, crime scene tape surrounds 2230 Thurman Drive where Shively Police say someone shot dead two people inside. Another person was also there but was not hurt.

Police believe some kind of fight took place about a half mile away at the corner of Janelle Drive and Crums Lane. From that location, police say some kind of white or tan-colored pickup truck pursued a white Lincoln which may belong to one of the victims.

The chase then ended inside the house on Thurman Drive. The Lincoln was sitting in the driveway. The truck is nowhere to be found.

"This vehicle left the scene shortly thereafter, but no one has any direction of travel or license plate numbers or anything at this point," Shively Police Chief Ralph Miller told WAVE 3 News.

Alton Jefferson says told WAVE 3 News that he knew one of the victims. He said that he had seen the young man out playing basketball. Jefferson says he is a bit shaken by the murders but hasn't lost faith in his neighborhood.

"Things happen for whatever reason. I'm not going to stop my kids from going outside to play," said Jefferson.

Sunday morning, the victims were identified by the Jefferson County Coroner's Office. They are 20-year-old Lydell Perks and 22-year-old Aaron Pike. Both men lived at the house on Thurman Drive where they were shot. Deputy Coroner Jesse Pauley said each of the men died from a gunshot wound.

Shively police believe the truck that chased the victims is a white or tan-colored Ford Ranger or Chevy pickup. If you have any information, you're asked to call Shively Police at 448-6181.