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LMPD Posting Surveillance Photos And Videos From Robberies Online


Louisville residents now have access to some of the metro police departments robbery files, and the LMPD is the first department in the country to post surveillance video of recent robberies. The idea is to give the public a chance to help police identify criminals.

There were nearly 400 robberies in Louisville in 2005, and surveillance videos from those robberies show that many of the suspects struck more than once.

And LMPD Detective Larry Duncan says "individuals that are responsible for robberies are also responsible for rapes and murders and burglaries and other crimes in our community."

Now officers hope Internet junkies will help take some of those criminals off the street.

"We've got over a thousand police officers now that we share information with," Duncan said. "And we'd like to share this information with the entire community. All those eyes out there are definitely going to help us. I'm sure of that."

They're calling the program "ASAP" -- Armed Suspect Apprehension Program. Police plan on setting one up for every division.

Detectives say they've gotten thousands of tips through phone calls and they're hoping the website is just as successful at generating tips.

You can access the website by visiting www.lmpdasap.com.