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Tasers - Still the Best Alternative


The Louisville Police Department purchased Tasers this past year. Many times they are a great alternative to guns and bullets.

I support the use of these weapons. Amnesty International does not. They say at least 74 people have died in the United States and Canada in the past four years after being shocked with Tasers. Thats fewer than 19 people a year in all of North America!

Because these stun guns could possibly cause the death of someone the police need to restrain, Amnesty International wants law enforcement to stop using Tasers altogether until scientific evidence can show they don't kill.

What would Amnesty suggest in the meantime? A good tongue-lashing? Sending the violent perpetrator to time-out?

Look, I have two very simple suggestions to make sure you dont ever get killed by a Taser.

Number one: Dont commit crimes. If youre behaving properly, you have an almost zero chance of getting Tasered.

Number two: If you do commit a crime and the police find you, listen to them and do what they tell you. If they tell you to stop, stop! Dont run, dont slap at them, and dont wrestle with them.

If suggestions number one and two arent your cup of tea and a cop has to pull a Taser on you, just know that your odds of surviving a Taser zap are substantially better than surviving a gunshot.

Im Bill Lamb and thats my Point of View.