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Personal Use Liability Agreement For LMPD Officers


Brothers and Sisters,

The legal issues and concerns over the Personal Use Liability Agreement have now been addressed. City Government and the FOP have come to an agreement on the issues:

1. It is now OK to sign the agreement.

2. When signing the agreement the FOP and the City have agreed that you can scratch out the word ?will? on the first (1st) line of the 2nd paragraph from the bottom of the page and put the word ?may? in it's place ( I understand that I ?may? be responsible for any claims which exceeds $100,000.00) When you make that change put your initials next to the change.

3. There will be a letter of agreement between the City and the FOP that all Suburban and Urban officers will be covered under the policy.

4. The City also agrees that you will be covered if off-duty (personal time) and you take police action. The coverage will be as if you are on-duty at the time of the incident.

5. For Officers (Urban and Suburban) that have already purchased Personal Liability Insurance on their police vehicle this year, you will be receiving a document explaining in detail where to deliver what documentation to obtain your reimbursement payment from the City.

6. In order to insure that all officers of LMPD have the benefit of Personal Use Liability Insurance on their Police vehicle, this will be the last year of the reimbursement, if you purchased your own Liability Insurance for your Police vehicle.