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President Dotson Says Officer Did It Right


President Richard Dotson has reviewed the video tape involving Officer Cambron's actions during the arrest of Marshall Galloway and has made the following determination:

Officer Cambron was justified in his escalation of force to affect the arrest of Marshall Galloway.

The fact that Officer Cambron had prior knowledge of Marshall Galloway's extensive arrest record, including previous assaults on police officers, clearly justified the need for Officer Cambron to keep him completely restrained until additional units arrived to assist.

Officer Cambron made numerous references both before and after the arrest that the entire incident was on video tape. This clearly indicates that Officer Cambron himself felt his actions were just.

Unfortunately because of the pending internal affairs investigation, police officers are not afforded the same rights as criminal defendants, defense attorneys, and even some public officials to speak to the media on their own behalf. This is especially unfortunate in high profile "Media" cases where it is reported that the officer "refused comment". In the courtroom of public opinion this is unfortunately sometimes perceived as an admission of guilt. The truth is that officers would welcome the opportunity to share their side of the story, but departmental policy and procedure strictly forbids it during the course of the investigation.

Watch Video 1 - Vehicle Stop and Arrest (Windows Media Player)

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