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Judge releases man who shot officer during deadly confrontation 2 weeks ago

Kenneth Walker released on home incarceration


A judge has released a man to home incarceration two weeks after he allegedly shot an LMPD sergeant.

Kenneth Walker was charged with attempted murder of a police officer in connection to the March 13 incident.

LMPD Sgt. Jon Mattingly and two detectives went to a home on Springfield Drive to serve a search warrant.

LMPD officials said the three were fired upon, and when they shot back, a woman inside the home was killed.

Walker eventually surrendered and was taken into custody.

Thursday, according to a statement from the River City Fraternal Order of Police, Judge Olu Stevens released Walker on home incarceration.

"Judge Stevens' actions are a slap in the face to everyone wearing a badge," FOP President Ryan Nichols wrote in the statement. Nichols is not the only one lashing out.

Louisville Metro Corrections FOP 77 called Walker's release an unnecessary risk. Lodge spokesman Tracy Dotson said the jail is housing the fewest inmates since the 1990s.

"So an overcrowded jail did not figure into Judge Stevens' decision to release an alleged, attempted cop killer back into the community without even so much as requiring bail," Dotson said. "Our community, which is full of voters, needs to carefully examine decisions such as these made by our public officials."

Read the full text of Nichols' statement below:

Yesterday, Judge Olu Stevens, released inmate Kenneth Walker on home incarceration. The Fraternal Order of Police condemns this Judge's actions. Just one week ago, this man violently attacked our officers and was charged with attempted murder after shooting a sergeant! Not only is he a threat to the men and women of law enforcement, but he also poses a significant danger to the community we protect!

LMPD officers put their lives on the line everyday protecting the citizens of this community. Judge Stevens' actions are a slap in the face to everyone wearing a badge. His actions place our community at risk of further violence! While we understand some of the current needs of our local corrections facility, we must sound the alarm now! Home incarceration was not designed for the most violent offenders! I call on the public to condemn the actions of Judge Olu Stevens and support your Louisville Metro Police Officers and protect your community.

Mattingly is expected to make a full recovery.