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Old Cardinal Stadium reopens for LMPD sniper training


Old Cardinal Stadium opened its gate one last time, but it wasn't for a game or concert. The LMPD sniper division practiced venue security and safety Tuesday morning.

LMPD snipers got a rare opportunity to practice lifesaving skills at the stadium before it gets torn down. Lt Paul Humphrey with LMPD said training six of the departments shooters at the stadium was important.

"To be able to be the last ones to quote on quote perform in this venue is a pretty unique opportunity," said Humphrey.

It was LMPD's first bird's eye view to train, to protect and serve. The snipers had only previously trained on flat levels.

"This is a program we wanted to make sure we had up and running and were successful with to keep the people of Louisville safe," said Humphrey.

LMPD Officer Michael Cheeseman said this training allows the men to get the experience they need to protect larger crowds.

"To be able to train in a real life environment that we actually have mission sets in, is huge for us and builds confidence," Cheeseman said.

The training was all about precision, focus, and the target. What happens at training while battling the cold can save a stadium worth of people.

The snipers were aiming at three inch targets from 160 yards away. LMPD added 50 percent more sniper practices this year.