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Widow of officer killed by alleged drunken driver shares story


It's been nearly three months since Louisville Metro Police Detective Jason Schweitzer was hit and killed by a woman police said was driving drunk.

His widow, Jessica Schweitzer, looked back on her husband's life as she sat down with WLKY's Jennifer Baileys.

"The night we met, I remember he just had such a huge personality. I was instantly drawn to him," Jessica said.

Jason and Jessica Schweitzer's love story has a common theme: Police work. They were introduced by a fellow LMPD officer. Years later they were married and started a family.

"She was born in January 2014. Gosh, he was so excited to be a dad," Jessica said.

That excitement grew when Jason found out he found out his dream of having a son was coming true.

"We had just found out the week before that we are having a little boy, so we had a gender reveal party with our family the weekend before. The ultrasound ended up being a little bit earlier than we expected. We really hadn't expected to do the gender reveal until the Sunday he was supposed to return from the FOP conference," Jessica said.

The 15-year LMPD veteran did not come home from the conference in Lexington.

Investigators said Suzanne Whitlow was driving drunk when she lost control and hit Schweitzer and another person on the sidewalk.

"You know, life is just bizarre without Jason. There's a huge hole there. He was just so full of life, you know, it's difficult some days. I know my children really are what have been driving me to just keep going and then there's days that I just want to get in bed and put a blanket over my head, but I know that for Avery's sake and Jackson's sake that I have to keep going. That's what Jason would want me to do," Jessica said.

He was a father, a husband, a son, a brother and a detective.

Jason was so many things to so many people, but most of all he was a friend to everyone.

Jessica said Jason could connect with anyone, that's why he was a great police officer.

That connection continues even after his death.

Donations for the Schweitzer family have been pouring into the River City FOP from across the country.

"When something like this happens, it's amazingly beautiful just the support and the love that these police officers and their families and their wives, parents and everybody that knows them. It's amazing the love and support that we've had," Jessica said.

The FOP is accepting donations for an online auction.

The Detective Jason Schweitzer Benefit is Jan. 28.

All proceeds go to the Schweitzer family.

The Schweitzers' son, Jackson Charles, is due in March.