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LMPD officers will now begin patrolling in pairs


What happened in Dallas, Texas on Thursday has led to temporary changes with LMPD.

Right now, officers being told to double up and travel in twos.

2nd Division officers Christopher Priel and Clinton Brake hit the streets with heavy hearts on Friday.

"It's tough to see your brothers and sister, whether it's in Dallas or whether it's here in Louisville, it's tough to see them go through that," Brake said.

Police across the country and here in Kentuckiana are grieving after five Dallas police officers were ambushed and killed Thursday. And it is why Priel and Brake are riding the beat together for now.

"Anytime you get an extra set of eyes ... maybe notice something I didn't," Brake said.

Friday morning, LMPD started running two officers to a car.

"It's for safety due to some of the threats we've seen across the country, from what happened in Dallas last night and some threats that have come into our officers here locally," Assistant Chief Kim Kraeszig said.

LMPD officials believe pairing the officers will also help them maintain confidence on the streets.

"It's often times a way to know, OK, someone has my back, and I can confidently go into the next situation and deal with that and help people," said Sgt. Phil Russell with the LMPD Public Information Office.

Meanwhile, Officers Priel and Brake are in an area that has taken a lot of firepower off the streets in just the last month.

"It is pretty common," Priel said. "You saw the types of weapons people are carrying out here on the streets."

That's why they don't mind riding two deep.

"Anytime you can get an extra brain, an extra set of hands, an extra set of eyes, it's definitely better for everybody involved," Brake said.

In the front lobby of the 2nd Division, a picture of fallen officer Peter Grignon is also a daily reminder that it can and did happen here.

"That's the only officer we've had killed in the line of duty with Louisville Metro Police," Clinton said. "So I think it's something that definitely sticks in our minds."

Right now, LMPD doesn't know how long the two-man cars will last. It is going to be a day-to-day call.