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Home where officer was shot had been a problem


Shively Police Officers were attempting to serve a narcotics search warrant when a man opened fire, shooting an officer several times, on Friday morning.

Wes Singleton, 31, was one of several Shively police officers part of a special investigations unit to show up to 4113 Eden Lane around 11 a.m. Friday.

It was only a matter of minutes before things turned violent.

"Apparently, there was a male suspect who opened fire on the officers, the officers responded and fired back," LMPD Sgt. Phil Russell said.

Officer Singleton was down; shot four times in the leg.

Several streets were shut down after scanner traffic alerted other agencies of the shooting. Dixie Highway, Garrs Lane and Eden Lane were inaccessible due to first responders attempting to assist their fellow man.

With a police escort Singleton was taken to University of Louisville Hospital. The suspect was taken to the hospital moments later.

"I would say there were at least 60 police cars," neighbor Lavern. "I was nervous because I didn't know if I was safe, or if I needed to go back in and lock my doors."

Singleton was rushed to University Hospital. The suspect was taken to the hospital moments later.

As streets eased back into normalcy, the crime scene became quiet. Many neighbors said the house had been a problem for awhile and sadly they were not surprised.

One man, who lives next door to the home where the officer was shot, said the drug bust was a long time coming. He said people were always coming and going from the home.

"It depends on what week it is, it could be three people one week or nine people the next week," next door neighbor Avery Neuwirth said.

He said sketchy activity has been happening inside the home for a long time.

"I honestly knew they would get caught one day, I just didn't know what day it would be," he said.

One neighbor said this area usually doesn't hear much commotion.

"There are a couple parts over here in Shively that are a little rough, but not really," Branden True said.

Police have not released the man of the suspect. A woman, identified as Loretta Harris, 51, who was inside the home at the time was arrested on an outstanding warrant for trafficking methamphetamine. The LMPD integrity unit will continue to investigate.

Shively Police also responded to a Jan. 1 murder, just a few miles from Eden Lane on Chester Road.

The department hasn't had a situation comparable to today in nearly 30 years, according to Shively Police Chief Kevin Higdon.