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Group alleges LMPD racially profiled teens, calls for more oversight


A group is calling for more oversight over Louisville Metro police after a grand jury decided there wasn't enough evidence to prosecute four young men after a night of teen violence.

The Kentucky Alliance Against Racist and Political Oppression wants an elected group of citizens controlling Louisville Metro Police Department.

Kathleen Parks, chair of the Kentucky Alliance, is proposing a Civilian Police Accountability Council.

"It would be a democratically elected controlling body of the Louisville Metro Police Department," Parks said during a news conference Thursday.

Parks made the announcement while sitting at a table with four young men arrested following teen mob violence.

A grand jury decided there wasn't enough evidence to prosecute Craig Dean, 20, Shaquazz Allen, 18, Jerron Bush, 21, and Tyrone Booker Jr., 19.

There's currently a Citizens Commission on Police Accountability appointed by the mayor and approved by metro council. Parks said that's not good enough.

"I don't have a lot of faith in the current council they have right now. (LMPD) was not held accountable for their actions in this particular case - that's a clear cut distinction right there," Parks said.

Parks alleged LMPD racially profiled in the wake of teen mob violence at Waterfront Park.

LMPD Chief Steve Conrad responded with this statement:

"I can certainly appreciate the perspective of the Kentucky Alliance Against Political Repression and their call for a Citizens Review Board. These concerns have been raised in the past and, in fact, there are already multiple layers of civilian review. For over ten years citizens from throughout our community have reviewed and issued recommendations on every police involved incident resulting in a death as part of the Citizens Commission on Police Accountability. The Merit Board, also consisting of community members, reviews all disciplinary actions. Additional information on this group may be found at www.louisvilleky.gov.

Finally, the LMPD must also answer to the Metro Council, which includes representatives of all segments of our community, as well as Mayor Greg Fischer. All of these bodies provide several layers of accountability which, we believe, have been and continue to be extremely effective in addressing the actions of our officers."

Kentucky Alliance is gathering signatures for a petition that will be presented to Metro Council sometime in 2015, according to Parks.