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Jefferson County sheriff's deputies in trouble after trying to serve warrant


A Jefferson County sheriff's deputy is now suspended after a two month investigation; another deputy has resigned.

It all comes after the deputies went to serve a warrant and ended up inside a home which was a violation of department rules.

Deputy Jeremy Wright is suspended from the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department for 15 days. Wright will be reassigned and will have additional training.

Another deputy, Samuel Durbin, resigned.

It all comes after an incident on Greenwood Avenue in West Louisville.

It's an incident that witnesses are still upset about.

"That's wrong. EPO is EPO. ...EPO don't mean search warrant you go in and take what you want," a witness said.

According to Sheriff's Department spokesman Carl Yates, in February Durbin and Wright were serving a domestic violence warrant to a suspect they thought lived here.

Yates said the deputies thought someone was home and Yates said they "jimmied" the front door open.

They were not authorized to enter the home.

A witness who does not want to be identified said her window was broken during the incident.

"No, they did not enter the home through the front door. I didn't hear them entering the home through the front door. I heard them entering the home through the back door and that's when my window broke," the witness said.

While inside the deputies did not find the suspect but did find drugs that they turned over as evidence.

Yates said it was all a mistake and there was no criminal intent.

Durbin resigned and had been with the department for three years.

Wright has been with the department for less than two years.