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LMPD recruits spend Christmas Eve at nursing home


Louisville Metro Police are spreading holiday cheer.

Every Christmas Eve, they come to the same nursing home at the Westport Place Health Campus. Twenty-three police recruits are spending the morning playing games, eating breakfast and talking with the residents.

"It's a big part of LMPD -- to give back to the community," said police recruit Chase Lloyd. "One of the things we strive on is making the community our primary focus, so it's a good opportunity for me and my fellow recruits to come out here and spend time at this nursing home."

"Some of these residents don't have families they can spend Christmas with, so we just want to spend some time with them -- place some games with them, get to know them a little better and make their Christmas brighter and better," said Lt. Michael O'Neil of LMPD's Training Division.

Officers say this community event also has training value. Recruits are learning social skills and get to see some of the faces of the people they are protecting.