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Man flashes badge and gun at Walmart employees


Police officers are supposed to enforce the laws, not break them.

As WDRB has learned, that's what sent up red flags for Walmart employees when a man flashed a badge and gun, and then tried to leave the store with merchandise he didn't pay for.

It happened at the Walmart on south Hurstbourne, last week. Police say not only did the suspect try to walk out of the store with a cart full of merchandise, but even pointed a gun at employees when he was confronted.

"He probably didn't think that he would get stopped just because of the badge and the gun, I think he probably thought, I'll be able to come in, I'll look like a policeman and they probably won't question my motives," says Detective John Green, with Metro Police.

But instead, detective Green says the suspect was confronted at the store exit and asked to show his receipt.

Green says, "The only thing he said was...'I've got your receipt' when he pointed down at his gun. And he kind of tapped it and at that point, that's when he pulled it out and started pointed it at everybody."

Police say the suspect is a black male and was wearing a shirt and tie. WDRB News has also obtained images of him trying to leave the store with the merchandise.

"I think it was air mattresses, several type things like that, and he just went right to the door...with, you know, passed up the cashier area and went right to the exit," says Detective Green.

Det. Green also got a good description of the man's badge. "It resembled like a star. If you've ever seen like a deputy sheriff's badge, it was similar to that. It wasn't like ours which is more oval."

Police don't know if the badge was a knock off...but as for the gun? Detective Green says, "We always let people know, you assume the gun is real and it's loaded."

And that's why police want to hear from anyone who even thinks they know this suspect.

"Because you just don't know what his motives are," says Detective Green.

Police believe the suspect was driving a newer model Toyota Corolla or Camry. Anyone with information should call the anonymous police tip line. The number is 574-LMPD.