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90 cadets start 23 weeks of training to be state police troopers


KSP Benefits:

Cadet troopers will receive $2,870.16 per month during academy training.

Upon graduation this salary will increase to $3,115.20 monthly ($37,382.40 annually).

With increments regulated and set by legislative approval, employees receive annual increases with no top out level.

Troopers receive a 10-percent salary increase with each promotion.

Troopers also receive five dollars per day for uniform maintenance.

Troopers also receive a $3,100.00 annual training stipend.


Ninety recruits reported to the Kentucky State Police Academy in Frankfort Sunday to begin an intensive, 23-week training program designed to challenge them in body, mind and spirit, the State Police said.

Capt. David Jude, commander of the KSP Academy Branch, said that historically, about 20 percent of the cadets do not complete the program, but most of the rest go on to become Kentucky State Police troopers.

Thirty-five of the cadets have bachelor’s degrees and 10 have associate’s degrees. Twenty-eight have military experience and 12 have previous law enforcement experience.

The class is tentatively scheduled to graduate on Nov. 19.