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Updated: Saturday, May 11th, 2013

Heroes of LMPD


They put their lives on the line every day to keep the public safe and on Friday night, they were honored for their bravery.

WDRB talked to some of the award recipients at the tenth annual Louisville Metro Police Department Awards Banquet.

On February 24th, 2012, Officer Lamont Washington responded to a home invasion and was shot twice while in a foot pursuit with the suspects.

Despite the chaos, Washington continued to give radio updates and the suspects were captured.

For that selfless act of bravery and the injuries he sustained, he receives the medal of honor and a purple heart.

"I'm excited to get the awards but I don't think I did anything different than any of the other guys on the platoon that I work on," said Washington.

Chief of Police Steve Conrad says Washington is being humble.

"The medal of honor is the highest honor we can bestow on any one of our employees," Conrad told WDRB.

"I get yelled at by my friends and family because I'm horrible with kudos, the hero word and all that. I signed up for this and I love it. I wouldn't trade it for the world," said Washington.

Those that work with Officer Washington say he works diligently for the residents.

"We love what we do so when things like this happen, you know I was shot twice, so when things like this happen, I came back as soon as I was allowed to return to duty and I returned to duty like it was just another day," Washington told WDRB.

Washington considers himself lucky to have made a full recovery.

"I was out for four months and a week and I came back with no disabilities at all so I'm blessed as can be."

"It really is a big event. It gives us the opportunity to come together as a department. as a family, as a community and really say thank you to the men and women that are out there each and every day keeping us all safe," said Conrad.

There were also civilian awards given along with the officer awards.