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LMPD Major demoted due to sexual conduct


LMPD Major Todd Felty, Eighth Division Commander, has been demoted due to "consensual, sexual conduct" while on duty.

According to police documents, authorities say this happened on five occasions.

Police Chief Steve Conrad released a statement Friday afternoon saying Felty and a woman who was not a Metro Government employee had consensual, sexual conduct either while in a police vehicle or a police facility.

Chief Conrad called Felty's behavior "unacceptable and not representative of our department." He emphasized that his expectations are even higher for his command staff.

Felty is being demoted to Lieutenant and has been temporarily assigned to a patrol division.

He has also been suspended for twenty days without pay.

Lt. Rob Davis will be the acting Eighth Division commander until a permanent replacement has been selected.

Felty began his career in law enforcement with the old Louisville Police Dept. He's served in the Special Victims and Financial Crimes Unit, and in 2010 was the commander of the Violent Crime Reduction Task Force.

He has dozens of commendations from other officers and from people within the Louisville community. Many of the letters talk about his professionalism and dedication to the job.

The Louisville Board of Aldermen gave him a Certificate of Merit back in 2002 for his service to the community.