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U of L student accused of aiming laser pointer at pilot


Police surround a University of Louisville dorm and arrest a student, saying he could have caused an LMPD helicopter to crash from his dorm room.

In a story seen only on WDRB, Stephan Johnson explained how police tracked him down with a light of their own.

The suspect is Jeffry Ledington, a freshman at U of L -- but his college career may be in serious jeopardy.

According to a police report, Ledington was in his dorm and flashed a laser pointer in the eyes of a Metro Police Helicopter Pilot on Sunday. School officials say the pilot followed that laser to Unitas Tower and then flashed a light into Ledington's dorm and called for backup. When University police arrived, they say Ledington was in the lobby waiting for them."

Ledington was then arrested by University Police and taken to Metro Corrections.

Students tell us they've seen the laser pointer on campus before.

"You just notice it when you're walking by and like he points it at you," says freshman Sara Attarzadeh.

Freshman Priyanka Barve also lives in Unitas Tower and says the laser pointer is nothing new.

"It was just kind of whatever when you're leaving at night some dude was like pointing a laser at you," says Barve.

The girls don't know for sure if Ledington is the one who flashed them, but even if he is they hope it's not the end of his college career.

Attarzadeh says,"Definitely, everybody deserves a second chance, and he probably meant no harm in it but he did point it at a police officer."

Ledington is charged with wanton endangerment of a police officer. He bonded out of jail on Monday but could still face expulsion from U of L.