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Louisville man says two LMPD officers beat him


A Louisville man says he was beaten by at least two Metro Police officers earlier this month. Andre' Mulligan has filed a complaint with the Professional Standards Unit of LMPD.

He says he simply told an officer to slow down, and that led to the violent confrontation: "So when the officer was speeding through, I was kind of right here and I said, 'Slow down.' Officer stopped and backed up and said, 'What did you say?'"

Mulligan says that's when things got violent. He says it happened outside a downtown Louisville nightclub on Labor Day weekend. Mulligan says the officers roughed him up and then put him inside a police car, where the beating continued.

He says it didn't stop until he pretended to pass out. "I kind of...literally kept praying because like when I was in the back of that car and he was trying to kill me, I literally thought that was my last day."

"And I was like, sir what are you doing...I'm not resisting or anything...he said you're resisting and all of a sudden he said boom! Slammed me dead on the ground."

"He said you're under arrest for public intoxication and I'm like well okay, I haven't had anything to drink and I put my hands behind my back."

Mulligan admits once inside the inside the police cruiser he called the officer a name...and says that's when the beating continued.

"And when I did that, he opened the door back up and jumped in and just started stealing me. Boom, boom, boom, boom."

Mulligan was eventually arrested and taken to Metro Corrections. He says the mug shot shows his head was bruised and swollen from the attack.

"I kind of...literally kept praying because like when I was in the back of that car and he was trying to kill me. I literally thought that was my last day."

Metro police won't talk about the case on camera but did confirm a complaint has been filed and is now being investigated.

Meanwhile, Mulligan has strong opinions about what he would like to see happen to the officers. He says,"I literally want to see them in jail; that's my end result."

Mulligan brought us a copy of his criminal history which includes mostly traffic violations, but the latest police citation has five charges including assault, public intoxication, resisting an arrest, disorderly conduct and menacing.

"It was like all fabrication, like he literally lied from point A to point B."

Mulligan is due in court to answer the charges against him later this month.