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LMPD investigates shooting by off-duty officer


A police officer gets into a confrontation with another man, and then shoots him. We now know a little more about the officer involved. We also spoke to an eyewitness who says she saw quite a bit unfold last night.

"First I heard what I thought was a gunshot but that didn't get my attention as much as right after that i heard someone crying out for help."

I opened the door, I saw a guy lying in the street, two cars in the street. Immediately I thought he had been hit by a car but then I saw a man standing over him with a gun," described the witness.

Police say the man on the ground did not have a gun. The man with the gun was an officer.

Detective Chauncey Carthan is part of the Narcotics and Intelligence Unit, and has been with LMPD force since 2001. The woman living near 24th and Chestnut Streets says she called 911 Monday night.

Before midnight, LMPD says the officer and another man got in a confrontation. "At some point both the officer as well as the individual exited their vehicles, at which time the officer did identify himself, however the individual did not comply with the officer leading him to withdraw his weapon and discharge it one time," said LMPD Spokesperson Alicia Smiley.

"And the guy was just crying saying im hurt I'm hit you shot me I'm going to bleed to death," the witness described.

Detective Carthan was off-duty in his black unmarked police car. The witness was just relieved to see more officers arrive and take control.

"He was still holding the weapon on the guy, and he said I'm a police officer. And they said get down, put the gun down. He put it down in the street and he laid down on the street," said the witness.

In 2010 WDRB reported Detective Carthan was reprimanded for making public statements about a police investigation.

Police say he has been put on paid administrative leave after this latest incident.

The man who was shot has been released from the hospital. No charges have been filed in the case right now.

The public integrity unit is investigating.