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KSP trooper shoots armed robbery suspect


RE: KSP trooper shoots armed robbery suspect

July 30th, 2012 @ 7:35PM (11 years ago)

This city does not care about crime prevention or solving crime.... Slow to catch up with technology, patrol is suffering with the lowest staffing levels I have seen in 25 years, the auto theft garage is to small and antiquated, the CSU has about 13 techs making 80,000 calls for servce each year with old outdated technology and a 1952 building and tiny "lab"....lab a term I use loosely. The police car situation is the worst I have ever seen, especially unmarked cars (unless ur command staff) Metrosafe is horrible with no supervision and 30% of ALLLLLLLLL AIRTIME is taken by dispatchers having to tell Sgt they are holding runs..Helloooooo it' 2012 they are both city agencies and one dont want to take the blame if they screw up... The Chief and Hamilton MUST say "we know your holding runs, we accept that and will not blame you, so STOP telling sgt every 10 seconds for 24/7/365"!!!! We wont even talk about the old azz systems at Metro Corrections booking.....And LMAS has got to have better ways to operate.. I hear officers nitely call for LMAS and the respose is horrible if at all, not organized one bit and my 3 year old could do better planning.... I could go on and on.......