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New Kentucky State Police cruisers will be Chevrolets instead of Fords


RE: New Kentucky State Police cruisers will be Chevrolets instead...

June 16th, 2012 @ 5:37PM (12 years ago)
Posted by: Evs

Again, not mentioned in my post. I haven't referenced anything that you've countered me with (see: pursuits and "souped up car"). I just mentioned that front-wheel drive vehicles may not be the best cars for patrol operations. I am having difficulty locating the article currently, but I recently read something about front-wheel drive patrol cars being less durable than rear wheel drive. I have no doubt that us officers will adapt and learn how to operate them as safely and effectively, but if they truly have durability issues, that is a major downside. We already have a shortage of cars, buying cars that may have durability issues could really hurt us. I guess we will see if they hold up and I'm hoping they will. I'm really not interested in bantering, merely commenting on the article.