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New Kentucky State Police cruisers will be Chevrolets instead of Fords


RE: New Kentucky State Police cruisers will be Chevrolets instead...

June 14th, 2012 @ 10:14AM (12 years ago)

I am an officer and I agree with the citizen's questionings. We do have officers that feel entitled and set a bad example for the majority, especially when they cite someone else for speeding. That being said, I typically will go 5 to 10p over in the mornings to help keepems. I the traffic flow moving because it is true, people will overreact, slow down and cause further problems. In the afternoons when the traffic is lighter, I will move with the flow. I do not feel compelled to write a speeding ticket or even stop someone UNLESS they are endangering others, then most times it is a warning. For all officers who read this, please remember perception and don't take advantage of our status. If we have to speed to get to a run, I'm right there with you, and for the citizen, it does happen often, especially in the suburban divisions where the runs are miles apart.