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Mayor Fischer presents new EMS, Corrections contracts


RE: Mayor Fischer presents new EMS, Corrections contracts

May 19th, 2012 @ 8:25PM (12 years ago)

I am a Correction Officer and you are absolutely right about the booking system needing overhauled to streamline the system, but why not think of a way to stop you guy's from coming to the book entirely unless you have a disruptive prisoner or injured prisoner that might be refused by medical staff! there are two way's to handle these issues but it would involve going "old School" bring back booking vans to transport prisoners and set up a hospital ward that is overseen by correction Officers for prisoner's that will be staying a long period. We should never have so many of guys at the book that you have to park outside,DUI's Disruptives and injured prisoners should be the only reasons to come to the book. We need to solve the problem's not complain about them it does not stop the problem. MORE TIME IN YOUR BEAT, LESS TIME IN THE BOOK!