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Mayor Fischer presents new EMS, Corrections contracts


RE: Mayor Fischer presents new EMS, Corrections contracts

May 17th, 2012 @ 6:43PM (12 years ago)

Yes most arrests are discretionary. Believe me I'm not a hard charger anymore. But when I'm forced to make an arrest I dont feel I should have to wait at jail for over an hour for them to do paper work. Thats BS. Even the Late Watch Corrections Officers said its BS. SHift change is a joke. I wish that we had the luxury to stop taking runs 30-45 minutes before the end of shift. Bottom line is their is laziness over there on midwatch, and yes plenty of laziness here on the PD to. But we dont get to call it quits when we feel like it. If anything have an overlap shift that can pick up the slack for the guys leaving. I dont blame the Corrections Officers I blame their command for allowing this to go on like this for so long.