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"It was like time had stopped for a second."


this is not in reference to Lamont -he is an excellent officer

March 1st, 2012 @ 9:20AM (12 years ago)

referenced to a comment, not the subject.

RE: "It was like time had stopped for a second."

March 1st, 2012 @ 9:56AM (12 years ago)

And here lies the problem:

Seems everytime a Black recruit screws up or does not make it through their probationary period, the voices come out saying people should not be hired for their "skin color" or just because they are a "minority". Well, few people will disagree with you on that. But what does one recruit, or even a few, have to do with affirmative action? I will not stoop and call you a racist, but your opinions come close to racist attitudes. Of course, there have been several white recruits who have not made it through their probationary period as well (Lauren Fanning, Troy Hilpp), but no way will someone say hiring them cheated more qualified applicants. Seems whenever a Black person screws up, it becomes a case made for how they all behave or will behave. I cannot cure you or change your thoughts, but the least I can do is confront you with them. Have a good day.