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Officer struck by van during foot chase


RE: Officer struck by van during foot chase

July 6th, 2011 @ 8:09AM (13 years ago)

I'm not just talking about small cities. Nashville, Indianapolis, KSP, any federal agency and others all pay more than LMPD. They aren't laying anyone off either. Plus there are jobs in the private sector that college educated people can take that pay more. LMPD can be a very good job for people who never went past high school and would be otherwise working for $10 per hour, but that's not who the department really wants to hire these days. They expect you will have a college degree or else have experience, but want to pay you like you've been working at the instant oil place since high school. If the city really cared about what kind of police department it has, then they would pay more to get better qualified officers. They do not.