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Officer struck by van during foot chase


RE: Officer struck by van during foot chase

July 5th, 2011 @ 11:24PM (13 years ago)
Posted by: Zoom53

I would never hold it against an officer to take a better paying job. I would recommend it. But I'm not sure there are "many" governments out there paying more than Louisville. J-Town and St. Matthews come to mind. But you also severely limit your chances for promotion and advancement in a smaller department. How about all the departments across the country laying off cops left and right? I suspect there are "many" more of those. One has to weigh all the options and come to a conclusion that is best for that person. My main point earlier was simply that when you agree to do a job for a certain wage, you can't argue about it just because you don't get a piece of all the other pie available. Time, seniority, and promotions have a way of improving things. Everyone who enters the police field starts at the bottom of the pay scale, regardless of which city or jurisdiction they work for.