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Louisville man may serve 12 years for charges brought after DUI stop

RE: Louisville man may serve 12 years for charges brought after...

March 12th, 2004 @ 9:57AM (20 years ago)

If Louis (bullhorn) Coleman would clean up his own house, he would be more credible. What is with "Reverend" ? He certainly does not model the behaviour of Jesus Christ.The Metro Police do a wonderful job overall, and the last thing they (or we ) need is a black Klansman like Coleman spewing hate and division. My African American friends are embarrassed by him.

RE: Louisville man may serve 12 years for charges brought after...

September 29th, 2004 @ 11:15PM (20 years ago)

Halleluia! Real justice prevails again! Officer Mattingly eliminated one more of Louis Coleman's despicable criminals from the street! Unfortunately, he had to do so by having to endure the enormous pressure and stress of a murder trial for defending his own life in the line of duty. Any logical thinking person knew from the real evidence and facts surrounding the shooting of Newby that Mattingly acted in defense of his life. Louis Coleman needs to get out on the street and preach to his despicable drug dealing criminals (starting with his own son) rather than constantly screaming racial prejudice by white police officers. Facts are facts! If a drug dealing criminal - whether black or white - is stupid enough to get caught trafficking drugs in an under cover sting and then even more stupidly fight with the officer, try to grab the officer's gun, as well as carry a gun in his waistband, that stupid criminal is risking his own life.

Come on, Coleman, open your blurred eyes, screw you head on tighter and get a grip on yourself and on your brothers and sisters (and on your own son!!). Stop defending the despicable criminal behavior of your people and preach the difference between RIGHT and WRONG !!!!